Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the open road. the very boring open road.

O dios mio! I made it.

I've been in CA for two weeks now. And my, what a journey it was.
Thank you I-80. I thoroughly enjoyed the the complete nothingness of Wyoming. 

That was only topped the barren wasteland that is Nevada. In fact, Nevada was so fantastic that Mr. Pickles decided to leave part of his side-view mirror somewhere along I-80. Yep, it just blew right off. I guess he decided he'd rather fall apart than continue through Nevada. Oh Mr. P, you so silly!

When all was said and done we spent 1395.2 miles on the road. I learned a number of things. 

1. Letting kitty be free in the car = no bueno. Apparently Storm, the wonder cat, likes to go down by your feet and hang around the pedals that make the car go vroom.
2. Baby will NOT just cry herself to sleep.
3. Battle Mountain, NV. Don't do it. 
4. Multiple days of McDonalds does not a happy digestive track make.
5. Mr. Pickles, aside from literally falling apart on the road, could stand to have cruise control. A sore calf from 3 days with a manual tranny really makes me feel like a wuss.

Other than that, we're here. Back in the land of the white fire hydrants, serious highway congestion, sunshine, earthquakes, and loads of family who make this journey and move worthwhile. Or at least they better.