Thursday, January 27, 2011

increased cheese payload

Ok.... every single thing about this headline makes me happy. Every. Thing.

Of course, for those who know know I'm particularly interested in the last line.

Hells yes. First of all, jalapeno poppers are probably the most amazing appetizer in the whole wide world. Cheesy, spicy (though not as spicy as I'd like), breaded, fried, poppin.

Secondly, cheese? Get outta town with that talk. You know what cheese does to me.

Third, the use of the world payload is a wordgasm. I work with automotive advertising, in which payload generally relates to thousands and thousands of pounds of goods. ie: a shitload of cheese.

Here's the article that details the brilliance of making poppers even larger. Why you ask? Increased cheese payload of course.

Within the article there's a link a different article that discusses the new pepper. The Jalmundo ! It's a contraction of the words jalapeno and mundo..."implying that it is as big as the world." Exaggerate much? Yes please.

Why did I think of that? Om nom nom nom... drooolz.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Butter is better

Check out this commercial....epic!

A few things -
1.  I absolutely love love love looooooove omelets. Just ask anyone who has breakfasted with me. Om nom nom.
2. Leave it to some other country to make better commercials than us. Artistic, relevant, fabulosity.
3. I miss real butter. I haven't bought it or consumed it in a long time.
4. I'm hungry.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

a Thursday jammer

Matchbox Twenty: How Far We've Come

Just heard this for the first time this morning on Pandora. Hawt! It got my foot tapping while I was cranking out some scripts. Before I knew it I was flying through the tasks on my to-do list. is a good day. I'm feeling very optimistic about life right now. What a great feeling, and a feel-great jammer.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a feeling of accomplishment

yesterday i made it through my blue stack of post-its.

i'll tell ya... it was one of those wonderful things in life. i felt like i achieved something with my day.

i have moved on to a brand new, neon green stack. so there.

Baby up in hurrrr!

To my readers---guess what?? We're having a baby! 

That's the big news for 2011. That's why this year is going to be great! There's going to be a little miss or a little mister coming into my life.

Can't wait for our little duckling to wear these fab new University of Oregon onesies from their uncle-to-be!

Friday, January 7, 2011

eye spy

These are soooooooo cool. They are extreme close-up of eyes by photographer/artist Suren Manvelyan . I've never seen eyes photographed this way--showing such detail of the eye's surface. Simply. Awesome.
I don't know. maybe you'll think they are kind of weird. I find them amazing. The human body is so complex. I bet everyone's eyes have their own unique surface shape a fingerprint.


Check 'em out for yourself.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Help Yourself - The Devil Makes Three

not a new band discovery...and oldie, but a super duper goodie.

I needa get their album. I mean shoooooot. I've been hearting them fo-eva.

Happy New Year!

6 days late, but whatever. As if you were waiting with bated breath to see what Montastic insights I'd be bringing to the first few days of the new year.

First of all, 2010. I don't know about you but for me, I barely blinked and it was over. Engagement, traveling, walking, fundraising, wedding, over. Phew. What a wonderful year it was. All 2 seconds of it.

Now, 2011.

So far this year...

...I was barely able to stay awake until midnight.
...I've been trying to discover new music.
...I'm extremely excited for my BFF Borq's wedding plans.
...I fall more and more in love with my kitty--so presh!
...and my husband.
...It FINALLY snowed D-town, hooray!
...we bought a couple dressers.

Basically 2011 isn't anything special yet...but just. you. wait.

watch out for big noodles

both time and experience lead me to giggle at this.