Thursday, May 26, 2011

What song are you listening to?

Such a simple question, and so revealing of people. LOVE this idea.

Walk around your city (New York in this case) and ask people with headphones what song they're listening to.

Some people are listening to what you might expect (the guy listening to Marley for example). And others are surprising (the Gaga fan).

It's so interesting to me to see what soundtrack people are giving their day-to-day life. I don't ever wear my headphones as I walk around town. Unless I'm exercising, crankin on some work at my desk, or on an airplane (to distract me from my anxiety of flying) my headphones stay at home.

I generally feel like they block out the experience of your environment. I guess that's why this video double interests me...people who choose to block out some external noises for other ones that they choose.

Hmm. It begs the question---what song are YOU listening to right now?

Me? I'm listening to Mike Doughty - Rising Sign.

Monday, May 23, 2011

can't wait for this weekend

Montastic is headed off to CA to see some fam and friends...and likely experience awkward bump-touching.

writing snobbery and bbq ribs

Let's just say I've had a chance to look at some resumes/portfolios/etc from up-and-coming writers.

And I don't mean to be a snob, but...I kind of do. Here we go.

First, let me start by saying that writing this makes me feel like some old, washed-up veteran of the industry. After 5 years in it, I think I've earned that crotchety title.

If I could offer a few pointers to those out there, wanting to be the next me (professionally speaking, that is), I would suggest the following:

- Don't get crafty with your resume. Horizontal type. Black and white. Nothing too long.

- Include important information. For example, if you list a degree...please list where it came from.

- Google yourself and see what comes up before you start applying. Remove any not-so-charming content from the internets. Because I've googled all y'all.

- If you list links to your social media sites on your resume, make sure you don't have a blog post about how you don't want to be a *%$!@#$! writer.

- Address your cover letter to the right name.

- Please please please pleeeeease don't improperly capitalize headlines. And watch your punctuation. This is a writing job after all.

Ok...enough snobbery. Let me see how I stack up against my own suggestions.
My resume is short and to the point. It does have some gray on it. BLAST! But all pertinent info is there.

Upon googling myself I find my Linkedin profile, links to my Facebook fundraising pages for the 3-Day Komen walk for breast cancer awareness, and some other random links that are no longer active.

However, if you were to search my maiden name, this blog comes up. As does a recent post about how pregnancy makes me wet myself. Well...I've been bested by my own system. That's what I like to call "keepin it real gurrrrrl."

On a related note, I tripped over this in the blogosphere this morning and can only hope to receive such a letter of interest.

Oh, and the bbq ribs? We made some this weekend and they were amazing.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Seven Deadly Princesses

Artsy fartsy time. I stumbled across these a while ago, and then re-found them this morning. 
The 7 deadly sins as inspired by Disney princesses. Check them out. So cool. 

My favorite princess was always Jasmine. Not because I spent time trying to decide which princess was most like me or most wonderful. I'm not girly enough to do that. Plus, let's face it, the princesses of my growing up days (before the empowering-women craze and political correctness overkill hit the children's movies industry) were all pretty useless and dependent on men. 

Anyhoo, Jasmine was my fav because Aladdin was my favorite Disney movie. And Aladdin is a hottie. Om nom nom.

Of these pieces, however, the Snow White one is my favorite. The colors and design--swoon! Now if only I had ivory skin, a 7-man harem, and a penchant for apples.

How To Creep Me Out

I don't feel like this picture needs much explanation. Let's just set the scene.

It's time to celebrate a special event. You compile the guest list, send the evite, plan a lovely evening of of good food, good friends, and good wine. As everyone arrives, you make sure to bring out your finest drinkware for the occasion.

Don't have doll-head wine glasses? Just make them. You creep-o.

Nothing screams horror movie baby shower to me more than these wine glasses.

Well...not true. Maybe these do:
Fetus-shaped cookies of course. Courtesy of the best cookie cutter ever.

Consider this a warning if I ever host a baby shower for you.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

i'm a hater

of cilantro, that is.

And being part mexican, and loving all things salsa and mexican food-y...I often feel misunderstood.

Oh well. Yahoo understands me. Today it featured a little sumpin-sumpin about cilantro, and how polarizing it. Apparently I'm not alone-- people either love it or they hate it. Haters unite!

So take that cilantro. You smelly, creepy little bastard. I am justified in my lack-of-love for you. Now, please join your other evil pals. I call them "The Three Cs" as they are three things whose taste I despise, and whose flavor I feel takes overs the taste and aroma of anything they are used in.

Cilantro, obviously.
Cucumbers. Ugh. Don't get me started. These things are disgust-a-mundo.
Celery.  Do you WANT me whine anymore? I didn't think so.

Happy Cinco De Mayo, as a staple of mexican cuisine takes a verbal lashing from Montastic. Adios muchacho.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I got your pregnancy glow right here.

When I sneeze, or even cough, or slightly lean's very likely that I have peed myself.

Like an excited pup. Except I'm not usually excited. I just have a wonderful glow in my pants region.


In other news, the best book cover I've ever seen ever ever ever. Maybe it's the laser beams. And definitely that subtitle.

Brilliance. Even more of such geniousness at Let's Panic's website.

One of the sections I found most enjoyable was Pregnancy Through the Ages. I mean with gems like these, how could you argue?:

"50 B.C. Julius Caesar is allegedly born by his-own-section; his mother, Aurelia, survives the crude operation while simultaneously inventing a salad.

1 A.D.
An alleged virgin gives birth, claiming that the father is “God.” Zeus and the Holy Ghost have a good chuckle over the futility of paternity suits filed against supernatural entities.

1806 A.D. Doctors begin to think about washing their hands before attending to birthing women. It’s not so much to kill so-called “germs” as to drown the “infection fairies” and “puerperal fever pixies” in basins full of tainted well water."

Thank you to the glorious creators of this site, as I'm completely sick of people talking about pregnancy like it's some magical beautiful passageway to womanhood.

The bottom line is that I have a mutually beneficial relationship with blob-like creature inside me. And I love her very very much.