Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Funday Song Send-Off

No explanation needed:

Tonight I shall two apples high and blue. Pictures to come. Maybe.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

a must-have

Maybe you recall that a while ago I asked for blog topics. Well, only one person, a Mr. Anon Ymous gave me a suggestion.

Thanks for the suggestion mystery person! I didn't forget about you. But how could I find THE most pointless and crazy object on the internet. I've been looking. Waiting. Hoping. What is something that has absolutely no business in my life? Yet something I still MUST have.

GASP! I found it. That's right. Car Lashes.

From the site:
"Carlashes™ eyelashes and crystal eyeliner are the newest hot products for your car. The trademark Carlashes™ is a new automotive aftermarket brand created to allow cars to be personalized with a feminine touch."

Oh thank goodness. There is nothing Mr Pickles needs more than feminine touch. Particularly the added flare of crystal eyeliner.

Plus hellloooooooo. I'm this girls spitting image. A playful shrug, mouth agape, and pink shirt? Get outta town, we could be twins!

So, the top 3 reasons I must have these:

3. Even though Mr Pickles is a mister, I've always liked guys with long eyelashes.
2. You know me, always looking for a way to be girlier. Gigglez!
1. Winkface.

This just in: reason #1 doesn't make any sense. Then again, neither do eyelashes on my hoopty.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

People are Awesome.

Hells to the yes. Talk about inspiring. Nothing like some sweet clips of people being generally awesome to make me want to I don't something generally awesome.

Now to brainstorm what that could be! Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I heart the smell of Pine-Sol®

Here goes deepest confession.

I love the smell of original Pine-Sol® (and the use of the registered mark).

And not just love in the like kinda way. Not just love like I love movies or the color yellow.

The kind of love like I love Taco Bell. Like I love boogying. THAT kind of love.

So naturally I felt the urge to blog about it. And decided that, to enrich my post, and thus my readers' lives, I would search for my love of the smell online. And what to my wondering autofill did appear?

Oh google. You cut to the core of me. I DO love the smell of skunk and sweaty balls. I mean anyone who doesn't is likely lying to you.

I also discovered in my search that my fellow hearters of Pine-Sol® have a facebook page

Other learnings:
- In addition to my fave, the classic scent, there are 6 other Pine-Sol® scents.
- Pine-Sol® has a section of its own website dedicated to hearters. And yes, they use a heart instead of the word love. 
- Preggos crave the smell.
- There are abuse prevention groups for this kind of thing.

In the words of spokeswoman Diane Amos, aka The Pine-Sol® Lady...

Lastly, this:


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

words words words... beautiful things

I must say I didn't expect to actually watch all 6 and a half minutes of this. Because, let's face it, kinetic type treatment is being largely over done these days.

But damn if I didn't love the nerdiness of what he was saying. 

Sigh. Thank you Stephen Fry, you've excited my nerd muscle.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh the parking garage.

Let me start by saying that I very much appreciate that my work pays for my parking. I would hate to have to pay ridiculous daily parking rates in downtown. And by "hate to" I mean I wouldn't be able to afford it and I'd have to hitchhike to work everyday and mingle with the good samaritans who offered me rides. And by good samaritans I mean creeps.

So my parking garage. It's old. Very old. I'm talking elevators you have to open a huge metal door to get into. I'm talking lime that leaks from the ceilings--to the extent that lime stalagtites dance off the ceiling, and their counterparts, the lime stalagmites, rise from the cracked, broken, pot-hole filled floor.

And the smell. It smells like the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. That kind of musty, motor-oil scented, old breathy smell.

Family fun for all ages.

You'd think the shattered windows on each level would release some of this stank. Not so.

There are 7 floors of this. The first is useless. The second and third are valet parking for a nearby hotel. Four is ok, but always full by the time I get here. Five and Six are under construction--that's right. The building is falling apart so I'm greeted each morning by the soothing sound of jackhammers...digging up around the support beams, and the smell of fresh asphalt filling the holes back up. Maybe it's just me but if there is not enough support, should I really be parking there?

And floor seven. The roof. Fine during the day. A dark, light-flickering, lamp-buzzing, watch-your-back, thrills-around-each-corner adventure at night.

But hark--look what I found on that tharrr roof! Art! Urban art!

And not just some art---a t-rex. An effing tyrannosaurus rex! With smoke plumes out da mouth! Plumes I say!
Fine parking garage. I kind of don't hate you today.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

SRLSY.. love dem goats

this is just sad. poor lil goaty goat.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Nothing like a dance party on a wednesday. Friday is almost here. Almost...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Storm's here!

And by Storm, I of course mean our new bitty kitty!

She is about 10 weeks old and we adopted her this weekend. AWWWWWWWWWW! 
Cutie-pie alert! She's quite the best little kitten. She used her litter box the first time she had to go. She is a snugglypants. And she was quiet all night. Basically I'm in love.

Her shelter name was Tiger Lily. That wouldn't do. How girly is that nonsense? 

We renamed her Storm. 

Now let's just hope the name isn't a self-fulfilling prophecy wherein Storm becomes a 13oz ball of mass destruction.