Friday, May 21, 2010

joining a community

So, it's no big secret I'm walking this year's 60-mile 3-day for the cure. In fact, there's a link right over the right of the screen that leads to you my page and explains why I'm walking.

I'm team captain of team Too Sexy, my 10-woman team of rockstars. Please click the link and check out our facebook page...join the group if you'd like, leave some thoughts on the wall, whatever tickles your fancy.

But, as team captain, I've really began to get into some of the networks of 3-Day walkers, whether it's walker blogs, following twitter users, or joining other 3-Day facebook groups. And guess what? I love it!


Yesterday I was discussing the pros/cons of a Camelbak versus a waist pack with Chase. We both used Camelbaks last year and were not so sure about the waist pack usage.

So, I posed the question to the twitter world, taggin #the3day. Not only did some of the people I follow (who also follow me) retweet my question...loads of responses rolled in. Everyone just wanted to help, share their stories, and connect with someone else walking for the same reason.

I'll tell ya...this 3-Day's absolutely amazing.

No wonder they say it's "3 days the way the world should be."

To sum up: people are good. :)

Last year's team (Montastic in the front):

And this year's team is only bigger, stronger...and, of course, Too Sexy.

una volta la settimana

Una volta la settimana incontro un amica con cui practico/imparo/parlo la mia lingua favorita--italiana!

My weekly meetings with my soccer teammate are just lovely. In the middle of a rough week, nothing is better than saddling up in a cozy nook at Stella's, ordering up a frothy latte, and getting my nerd on.

I always seem to forget just how much I heart Italian. But this week, this latte, this practice...much needed, much appreciated....ahhh. Che bella vita!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"If only she had known the harm....that common constipation can do."

via copyranter

A vintage ad. An age-old tale about a girl, waiting by the phone, not sure why she never gets a second date.

Well...OBVIOUSLY she's a one-date kind of a girl because she's constipated all the time.

Silly little thing. How could she be so foolish. Everyone knows that regularity is the key to successful dating.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Funday Song Send Off: Foreigner - Jukebox Hero

holy heck.

this was on the radio on the way to work this morning. let's just say i jammed out.

weekend, i'm ready for you.

Wedding Planning: An Exposé

"Have fun with it."

"You only plan it once."

"Enjoy it. It flies by so fast."

Any other words of wisdom through this planning process? Any other ways to tell me to enjoy something that has been seemingly less enjoyable than a kick in the shin?

Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty damn excited for my big day. Got the dress (hot!) and got everything else figured out for the most part.

I'm quite organized. The amount of things to do is not what has gotten to me. It's mostly done. Instead, it's the suprise skeletons that jump out of closets everywhere. It's the saving. It's the debt. It's everything.

It's unaffordable. Completely.
Future siblings-in-law may suddenly not like and you'll be lucky(?) if they come to the wedding.
You hurt people's feelings if they aren't in the wedding.
Your feelings get hurt by people who choose not to be in the wedding.
You hurt parent's feelings if you don't invite their friends.
You yell at your parents for seemingly no reason.
You hurt friend's budgets if they have to travel.
Moreso if they are in the wedding and need to buy things.
They tell you about how hard it is financially.
Meanwhile your bank account remains weak.
You realize that flowers, which you always loved, are a ridiculous wedding commodity.
You begin to resent flowers.
You never even really liked cake. Now you need an expensive one.
You live way too far away from the wedding location to actively celebrate.
This includes: no true wedding shower, no tasting, no bonding over wedding bliss with family members, no family activity really, no meeting the vendors--just paying them from afar, no nothing.

Ugh. Enough already. I need a drink.

I'm wildly in love with someone I never want to be without.
I'm marrying him.
He's sexy.

I got a text from a bridesmaid-to-be last night that said "Watching 27 Dresses-so excited I get to be a part of your wedding!"

Dear Bridesmaid-to-be,
You have no idea how much this meant. A little bright light in the process.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Overheard conversation of the day...

Listening to a couple male coworkers discussing a good place to get a hair cut...because of the hot towels...and similarly hot women.

"How tall was she?"
"5'4", maybe 5'3""
" a little short."
"I guess."
"So, if I were to pick her up...would I have to grunt? Or could I pick her up easily?"

I heart my coworkers.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wowie Kazowie this 6th grader is amazing!

I mean I know I enjoy a good Lady Gaga jam as much as the next. But even if you aren't a fan of gotta hand it to this kid. He's in 6th grade and can belt out a sweet ass rendition of Paparazzi. Loves it!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Funday Song Send Off: John Fogerty - Centerfield

Put me in coach. I'm ready to play today.

Montastic is off to Utah for the weekend to spread classiness all about and celebrate her mamasita!

In other news, someone keeps over-Lysoling the work bathroom.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Spy - The Arctic Tundra edition

We know I work in a freezing building. We know this.
We know I can never stay warm and guzzle lots of hot beverages to try to regulate my body temperature. We know this.

Well today is no exception. Sure, Tuesday was 75 degrees out. I got some sunshine. I wasn't cold. Well is a mere 54 degrees. TURN THAT DAMN AIR CONDITIONING OFF YOU SADISTIC TURDS.

I've newly deemed my work environment "The Arctic Tundra."

This means a few things:
No trees grow here.
The ground is permanently frozen, permafrost, if you will.
It supports very little life, and sees minimal human activity.

I now present to you The Arctic Tundra:

So, tell me what you spy in my little piece of stark landscape.

Do you see that I keep a minimum of 3 beverages at my desk? Two hot beverages. And big pink glass of water. And a box of Good Earth Original Decaf tea. Yum. Warm. Spicy.

I keep a yoga mat as well. Though I've recently given up lunchtime yoga on Tuesdays as it causes me to perspire which only serves to make me colder when returning to my tundra.

The bottom righthand corner of the picture reveals something burrowed under my desk. A blanket!- Yes. I purchased a blanket one day at lunchtime last year...for days when the arctic weather is particularly harsh.

Pictures. Lots of pictures of the outside. Oh to dream is fantastic.