Thursday, April 30, 2009

Friday Funday Song Send-Off

Ok I realize it's Thursday, but today is my Friday since I'm on vacation (or on holiday, if you're British) until Tuesday.

Now, this is not a typical FFSSO (Friday Funday Song Send-Off)...not as energetic and bumpin as the usual ones. However, I just heard of these guys and I sho do like 'em ma'am!

The chill vibe of this song shall match the relaxing vibe of my meet-the-parents weekend. Huzzah! Twenty pounds for the queen.


ok ok, just one mo!

Also, if you can guess where Montastic is going, she'll give you an HJ.

back when i was cool, and life was simpler

Event: Al Borland Rules Party
Pictured: the hosts
Time: tool time, circa 2004

Friday, April 24, 2009

dog attack #2

Well, it happened. I'm not going to over-glorify a completely harmless dog "attack." However, I do feel that I have definitely earned the line on my resume under qualifications that reads "surviving attacks by really small dogs."

Perhaps you remember about 2 years ago when I was jogging and was attacked by a bichon frise. That's right, a small white fluffy killer. This dog drew blood in multiple spots on my leg and ruined my night.

So today, after getting off work early I decided to take a nice little jaunt around my new neighborhood. I saw many people walking their dogs. Probably 8 to 10. Well each time I was hesitant running by because I am now wary that jogging + dogs in close proximity = no good for Montastic.

My last block there was a lady with two small black dogs. One was a dachshund. The other, cujo, was easily a min-pin/rat terrier mix. Trust me. I know my dog breeds.

Get over it, I told myself. No dog has attacked you today. Then cujo, or Tucker, as the lady so affectionately yelled at him, started growling. So I ran wide. I had passed them. Then all of a sudden there was a little blood-thirsty terror biting my shoes. A minor scratch on the leg from a wimpy little paw...and no bloodshed. But, lil Tucker, in his attempts to attack me, actually broke free of his collar to chase after me. Rad.

Here is the best picture of a min-pin/rat terrier I could find online. Watch out for this one, he's a sneaky little asshole.

This public service announcement brought to you by Montastic, small-dog terrifier, small-dog survivor.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a new fav: KaiserCartel

finally, a musical recommendation for my readers. I came upon KaiserCartel tonight while enjoying my second night alone in my new apartment!

I like the sound of this duo. I like her voice. I like his voice. I like the whistling in the second vid. I really like the first song. 'Nuff said!


Monday, April 20, 2009

sex, drugs, bob, paul, and steve

not this week

ok, so my office has candy everywhere. jars of candy. candy on tables. candy for purchase.

and yes, Montastic has fallen under its spell. candy all the time. so i'm going to try to give up this week...and not have any candy until next monday at the very earliest. because while it IS yumzo in my tumzo, my muffin top runneth over and it is time to cut the sweets at work.

that is all.

Please press my button.

I have a weird thing for goats. Ok? ok.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Montastic is muh-muh-mooooooovin!

I've been packing the last 3 nights. And it's a slow process fo sho.

I have a Uhaul reserved for tomorrow. I also have it on good word that we are to get 10-20 inches of snow in the city tomorrow. might be an interesting moving day.

Yay new apartment. My first place by myself. I hope there aren't too many things that go bump in the night. Scaaaawey.

My birthday is 2 months and 1 day away...just sayin

I want the Genius Lady!
Because it's "an innovative product which will change completely the way of approaching this delicate problem for women when travelling, working, making sport or having fun. Genius Lady is the future, on planet woman."

Plus, based on their'll make me feel like this:

so free and happy. such gaiety!

So what exactly is it? Well it's a groundbreaking device that allows us oh-so-troubled ladies to pee standing up. Finally!

And, of course, it hails from my favorite land: Italia!

I can't wait to "Farla in piedi!" (Do it standing up)

I love planet woman, Italy, and Genius Lady.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kinda Sutra

I stumbled across this video on YouTube this morning and I thought it was really neat to listen to people (adults and children) talk about where they first believed babies came from.

From the YouTube description:
"Where exactly do babies come from? And how are they really made?
Mixing humorous animation and interviews, Oscar winner Jessica Yu poses these Mixing humorous animation and interviews, Oscar winner Jessica Yu poses these questions to a variety of adults and youngsters who explore their earliest understanding of sex, conception and how the two, uh, intersect.
With humor, affection and nostalgia for youth's lost naivete, Yu's subjects recall some of their earliest experiences with - and misconceptions of - sex and babies and all things thereof. The stork, of course, makes an appearance, as do other less conventional elements, including floating airborne seeds, a tree, pollywogs and an unexpected bathroom fixture. This very personal, Indian-themed riff on the Kama Sutra provides a glimpse into how we think about sex and what we learn along the way." favorite is the guy who thought when he made a #2, a baby might come out--and he was afraid of it drowning. So silly and amusing.

I don't remember how I first thought a lady got pregnant. But I do remember thinking that they just cut it out of the stomach. So..that's not too far off. Hmm. How did you first think babies were made?

Be warned, there is oh-so-graphic language in here: the word "penis"! Oh my! Please click on the link since I am unable to embed the video itself into this post.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

oh. my.

this had me laughing and crying all at once. i couldn't rip my eyes away. i hope you can.

if you like than you shoota pooota ring on it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

let us all take a cue from the animal world

not a bad idea from the jungle

RoboKnee update

Well, 6 weeks of physical therapy (and hundreds of dollars in copays) managed to do absolutely nothing for my knee, and solve even less.

So, a follow-up appointment with DoctorDoctor today resulted in a giant needle injecting some sort of steroid mix drink deep into my knee.

The pain was 90% gone almost instantly. So, when the juice runs out in 2-3 weeks, then we'll see where I'm at. If the pain is gone completely after that, then the problem resolved itself via the juice reducing unseen joint inflammation. If the pain returns after the juice wears off, then it's time for an arthroscopic, exploratory surgery.

That is all. RoboKnee sends its love.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

for chase

hahahaha. lovely.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

where oh where has montastic been

well cousin was in town for a nice long weekend:

then i got PoisonBelly which laid me up all week (and is still killing me almost 10 days later). i'm going to the doctor for it tomorrow, no worries blogworld, i'll be okay.

then i drank lots of milk because it seemed to help PoisonBelly:

then, of course, i worked out RoboKnee a whole bunch. and the docs still have no clue what is going on with it:

and lastly, i made salmon for dinner one night:

so that's where I went to for so long. i've been in general pain and discomfort due to PoisonBelly and RoboKnee. I'm also in the process of moving apartments. well, that's not entirely true. i'm currently looking at apartments before I have to move in a couple weeks.

needless to say i'm busy and achy.