Tuesday, July 31, 2007

invisibility takes 1/8 inch

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I've recently become nerd chic. New specs. A hot-for-teacher aura. A new outlook?

Here's the story. I've been the proud owner of new specs for roughly a week and a half. I'm not used to wearing glasses except my sunglasses. Naturally.
The other day, driving home for work, there was a succulunt man on the side of the road. Feeling entitled to ogle him, I did just that, giving him the once-over twice, and then a third time. Yum. I felt fine with this seeing as how I thought I was wearing my sunglasses (which I think were invented for the sole purpose of checking out people without them knowing). Turns out, Mon-Mon wasn't wearing her sunglasses. I was, in fact, wearing my new glasses. And he was very aware of my wandering eyes. And you know what happened next? He gave me a head nod and a make-your-knees-weak-so-it's-a-good-thing-you're-sitting-down smile. Imagine that!

I was taken aback not only by the presumptious attitude I have when I wear my sunglasses--and the suprise at realizing that. But also, I was pleased with the fact that he smiled.
This led me to two conclusions.
1. Be bold. Eye contact is kickin' in a big way.
2. In the off chance you don't feel bold.. check a mirror and make sure you have your invisibility turned on, in the form of sunglasses, not clear-lensed specs.

This public service announcement brought to you by Montastic.

Friday, July 27, 2007

28 lines from 28 songs.

A poem created throughout the day...
each line is from a different song.

each stanza is 7 lines.
each stanza is from a different playlist, on shuffle.
i named it " I call it Friday."

I call it Friday

we take what we can get
i want to save you
i will patch all the holes up again
would you like to dance around the world with me?
wake me up
another wasted breath
helps me navigate the wooden smiles

timeless, priceless, survive any crisis
we show them, we prove
i refuse to lose self
while you’re searchin for some trick
i’m sick with the words
much too nice to quit
and i’m still here

but my two feet can’t find a way
i’m only fooling myself
where you go is where i am
and if you stray
daylight, it burns so fast
i’m alive, i’m alive
are you seeing sparks shooting out from me?

if it can be broke
and i got one mile to go
if the sky starts falling
it happens all the time
all i really can tell is i’ve been hit
disappear here
you know it suits you well

hmmm, oddly insightful, highly intriguing

songs used:
1. soco amaretto lime – brand new; i want to save you – something corporate; home – jack johnson; i’ll back you up – dmb; light up ahead – further seems forever; again i go unnoticed – dashboard confessional; angel- matt nathanson
2. timeless – guru; dog it – digable planets; funk shit – marley marl; dinninit – de la soul; lyrical swords - gza and ras kass; same team, no games – gang starr; i’m a fighter – supernatural
3. i don’t feel like dancing – scissor sisters; only fooling myself - kate voegele; more – matthew west; brand new day – alex lloyd; twilight – sweetlou; strange love – phixx; burning up – beach mercer
4. pioneers – bloc party; trunk – kings of leon; sky starts falling – doves; when i’m alone – the rifles; it’s a hit – we are scientists, song for clay – bloc party; napolean says - phoenix

Thursday, July 26, 2007

in vino veritas (thanks Plato)

In wine truth.
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Did a bit o' wine research today. Helping my Matteo on a lovely lil project.
I found numerous quotations by famous people (and some wannabe famous people) about wine, its depth, greatness and ability to bring people together and tear them apart.
If wine were a person, he or she would constantly bring joy into my life with spontaneity, support, and personality.

After reading probably close to 300 quotes, one shone through (forgive the pun, it was an accident) as the most amazing.

Dom Perignon, upon first tasting champagne:

"Come quickly! I am tasting stars."

Mindblowing. Love it love it.

Friday, July 20, 2007

but i dont know how.

here's the deal. it's been a blogless week.
as i have yet to be inspired.
i've tried countless things to achieve inspiration, all of which have failed.
1. massive amounts of caffeine.
result: generally useless and wired, followed immediately by lethargy
2. reading other blogs (this usually works.. or at least turns up something interesting)
result: i feel bad about my lame blog. sadface.
3. stalk people on myspace and facebook
result: disappointment in today's youth slash missing close friends.
4. work out class to clear the head
result: sore abs, babs and sabs coupled with less energy to think.
5. writing a poem (ala Seth's advice)
result: the "how'd that thought get in my head" thought
note: this was almost inspiring if i wasn't scared of what else would come out.
6. running
result: rejuvenation, ready to think creatively, but still without inspiration
7. reconnecting with an old friend!
result: awesome fun times, wanting to learn about what he's done in the past 5.5 yrs
8. dreaming of my next move in life
result: overwhelmed with possibility, excited by the unknown.

To sum up: highs and lows of energy/intrigue/entertainment this week. No amazing inspiration. Any ideas of what else to do? I'm ready and willing to try.

Friday, July 13, 2007

vacuum veracity

today we (meaning I) celebrate the underappreciated janitors and their fine vacuum art. i know that when i vacuum i'm always happy to see that it makes cool zigzaggy patterns in my carpet. but my patience with creating anything symmetrical is lacking, to say the least.
i do, however, rather enjoy making lines with my finger on suede. and yes, there is the occasional polka dotted pattern. this usually occurs while i'm on my EnduroSuede couch, on the phone with my mom or any other long-winded person i choose to share my telephone time with.
needless to say, i'm no vacuum artist.
the carpet between the elevator and the lobby of my office has a typical checkered pattern. small squares of neutral colors. boring.
but wait! there's a roughly one-foot, solid-color edge around the checkered pattern. this is where the art takes place. the glorious but limited perimeter of a seemingly mediocre carpet.
today the art was very triangular. straight lines. harsh angles. sharp. geometry.
two days ago it was a bit more squiggly. soft. curves. a warm hug.
one day it was just straight lines running parallel to the edge of the checkers. a brain fart day. a day with no creativity. empty.

i hope that somewhere out there, people actually make fine art with vacuums. kind of like chalk art recreations of classic paintings, or ice sculptures of famous people. or lego recreations of famous scenarios.

imagine the possibilities of this great new medium. carpet.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


consider me impressed. so simple. so cool. me likey lots.

Monday, July 9, 2007

enlightenment at Estes Cone

6.4 miles round trip + 70 oz water + tough as shit incline + scree = need for huge sandwich

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What I learned at the top of a mountain:

i can actually sweat 100% bile.
70 oz aint enough.
i love Sweet Salty Nut.
Colorado is fan-freakin-tastically breathtaking.
wind is windy.
Sethypoo is da bomb.
i lovelovelove cool, gnarly trees.
kids and hardcore old people can kick my ass
my family should move closer to me.
if you slip, just keep going.
keep seth full.
i want to have more outdoorsy friends.
sunblock doesn't cut it at 11,000 feet.
i need to wear high-butt elastic-waist pants when i hit 50.
babies get a free ride up the mountain on papa's back. spoiled little turds.
happiness is possible.
the time has come to go horseback riding.
buy hiking boots.
my legs are shapely and nice.
anyway you want it, that's the way you need it (ala Journey)
shaky knees, solid heart.
smelly, dirty, sweaty, sore, burnt, hungry is the most wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

look at my junk

Today's cool bit of inspiration comes from a russian website called Face Your Pockets.
Essentially you take all the shit you have in your pockets/purse/bag/etc... toss them on a scanner (being as artsy fartsy or nerdy as you'd like with the layout and placement of said junk). Then, find a wee lil hole to stick your face in and scan it. Simple? yes. Brilliant? Probably not. Kinda cool for this morning? Yes'm.

Here's my favorite picture, although there are some way cooler ones. I just like this guy. I might even love him.

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picture from faceyourpockets.com

Monday, July 2, 2007

Chi vuole sposarmi?

Per practicar parlare in italiano un po', ho cercato dei penpals internazionali sul internet. C'e' un sito (interpals.net) che mi sembrava abbastanza buono. Ho fatto un profilo semplice di quello che cerco (una persona per chattare in italiano o inglese) e di chi sono io-- una donna che non cerca un rapporto romantico. Finora (4 giorni da quando ho messo il mio profilo sul sito) ho gia' ricevuto 3 messaggi di uomini che vogliono sposarmi. O dio! Veramente non sposero' un uomo che non puo' leggere il mio profilo con una comprensione fondamentale d'inglese.
Scusa signore ma ho detto che ero interessata nelle amicizie. Tuttavia, hai 42 anni e normalmente non mi sono innamorata dei vecchi.
Certo e' un peccato. Ma non scrivermi di piu'.