Tuesday, August 25, 2009

walking shoes, the maiden voyage

In preparation for the 60-mile Komen 3Day walk in November, I purchased some Nike walking shoes over the weekend. (psssst! please donate and support my cause!)

Ahh how I felt like an old woman buying some nice new shoes....for walking. Next will be a small disheveled ancient half-blind dog, a walking stick, and a pace of 2 mph. Then I shall truely be an old woman walker.

Well this morning I got up at 630 and planned to walk for an hour, to start breaking them in. Look how shiny and pretty! A new pair of zapatos, not yet tainted by the dirt and filth of the world, not yet stomped atop dog poo, stuck to gum, scuffed by life. Oh to be a pair of fresh kicks!

So I started walking. Wonderful. What arch support! What foot-hugging goodness. Walking shoes, they're really something.

Tra La La! Walk walk walk. Bluegrass. Hiphop. Alternative. Classic Rock. Jammin.

My attempt at a nice 4-mile pre-work jaunt ended in a cut-short 2-mile bloody-ankle trek, full of beautiful flowers, and chiquitas jogging with their pups.

walking shoes = awesome
walking socks = necessary purchase

Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Britney bitch

i'm speechless really. this says it all.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Mr Mint always seemed so friendly to me

So yesterday, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Candyland, Lombard Street in San Fracisco was done up in a giant gameboard fashion.

Super rad.

Wee chitlins got to play this giant gameboard by drawing giant cards and advancing down Lombard Street as if they were actually in the game. I love it!

It's nice to see something positive, cool, creative, and magical. Well done.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

rediscovering Ringside

So I haven't posted much new music lately--apologies. I turned my itunes on shuffle today at work...and I haven't really used my itunes since 2007ish.

Anyway, Ringside, a band I really really really enjoyed back then, came up. How I had missed them. Nothing like rediscovering a group you used to enjoy so much.

While it's not new music to me, maybe it's new to you. And maybe you'll like it. And then I'll have done my job.

A good song of theirs, even if the sound quality ain't so supa.

describe your soulmate in exactly seven words

turns me on in every way possible

via soul pancake

ha. ha.

i love words.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


i guess those red light cameras DO solve pointless argument issues over running a red light or not.

example 1:
"but officer, it changed WHILE i was already in the intersection."


example 2:
"but officer, i was going entirely too fast for it have been safe to stop."

oopsies, law broken either way. $75 buckaroos.
watch for this hoodlum on the roads of Boulder. she is vewy vewy bad.

through the eyes of the love

Montastic: "are those my boobs???"
the boyboy: "well, ya."

the boyboy: "but look at this one...awww. it's your heart."

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mad Men

Maybe you've heard of the show. I know I have.

Unfortunately I have no cable, no tv, no real anything. So I haven't seen the show. But it's all about the golden age of advertising.

Of course when I say golden age, I mean when men ruled the scene and Montastic would serve only to bring them water, drinks, or sleep with them. Ahhh, those were the days.

Anyhooo...they've created a lovely site where you can create your own Mad Men avatar. Per Finny's request, I avatarded (huh huh...tarded) myself last night.

Here is how I envision Montastic would have looked, were she in the ad industry in the 60s....

cigarette: check.
doughnut: check.
mismatched patterns: check
hips like boom and an ass like bang: check

let's get a better look at that commanding nose:

sassy indeed.


One Mr Davers AKA Finny has started a blog! He shall henceforth be linked on my blogroll to the left, Finny's Shenanigans.

He's perverse, sarcastic, dirty, and likely drunk. I do just love him so.

Check out his blog. DO IT NOW

paper will get ya

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Five things I'm glad I tried.

via Soul Pancake

1. moving to states i'd never been to
2. running
3. dating you
4. whiskey & ginger ale
5. making bad decisions

Soul Pancake

As you may or may not know, I joined twitter. And quickly after, begain following Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight Shrute from The Office). He tweeted about this site called Soul Pancake. He was one of the creators of it. anyhooo..it asks intriguing questions, which Montastic likey.

To sum up, it's pretty cool. And here's his lil vid introducing the site itself:

SMOOSH update

my bruise is glooooooooooorious

and i'm not naked in these pictures. i don't think.
oh the mystery!

hmmm how could i use my fat rolls?

yep. true story.


Friday, August 7, 2009

FFSSO: Do your Thing

and old fav of mine.

Basement Jaxx: Do Your Thing

Your Friday Funday Song Send-Off.

Colorful History

"In 1909 a remarkable project was initiated by Russian photographer Sergey Mikhaylovich Prokudin-Gorsky. His mission was to record - in full and vibrant color - the vast and diverse Russian Empire."

I stumbled upon this the other day and I've been meaning to include it here, but work has been quite busy. Check it out here, and here.

As described above, Mikhaylovich produced full-color pictures from the early 1900s. It's amazing to see these type of pictures in color because we are so used to seeing them in black and white. In fact, I had resigned myself to the idea that people only work shades of brown and black back then...because that is what is portrayed in a lot of historical movies.

It's fantastic to see these in color. And considering I personally am bored to death by history, that's saying a lot.

His camera took 3 photographs, each with a different color filter over the lense. They would then be combined to make one full-color image. The process was slow, so any movement between the pictures is noted by the blurring of heads/water/etc in the pictures. Neat!

Dtown, you're beautiful today.

To the bum with the "homeless or hurt" sign---huh?

Well which is it? Whichever one tickles my fancy enough to give you a dolla I can't really afford? Or does it change by day? If I had a sign today it would read "rich or happy". Take your pick.

In other news, my office building is swarming with American Idol auditions...a hoard of hopeful wannabes. Cue the burly leather-clad woman with the husky voice: "THEY SAID MY VOICE HAS NO TONE! RAAAAAWWWRRRR."

Stay tuned for your Friday Funday Song Send-Off!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

posted without comment..bwa hahaa

Tough Panasonic Lumix commercial

I think this is a great commercial! It's a simple idea that not only directly speaks to the durability of the camera...but indirectly demonstrates the quality of the on-screen image. Good stuff.

enjoyed these Miller ads

click for bigger images

Yes I like them, sure they are anti-douche, and mildly homophobic, but...come on? What do you expect from beer marketers. Just read 'em. Giggle. Smirk. Do what you will.

SMOOSH update

The bruise is coming in beautifully! It was gloriously purple and gross this past weekend. Now it's yellowing, and is quite ripe. Ahh, the wounds I nurture to fruition.

It's fully bendable again, and really doesn't hurt at all. It just looks awesomely gross and weirds everyone out. Hooray!

Too bad this picture doesn't show the rainbow of colors I get to experience in real life. Ah well. Come on over and I'll show you it in person.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Julia Bryan

Last night at Film on the Rocks at Red Rocks, before watching Ghostbusters (awesome!) in such a fantastic setting, we were entertained by some live music. One of which was Julia Bryan. She was great!

Her voice is sort of haunting and loud and well...except for her mildly emo comments that would trail off before each song, I really really enjoyed her. And if I had more skrilla to my name, I would purchase her jams.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How do you spend your day?

Well this little interactive graphic from the NY Times is pretty interesting. It details how different groups of people over the age 15 spent every minute of their day in 2008-- a survey of a thousands. Pretty cool stuff..especially to go through and see how women and men different, old and young, etc. Check it out fo sho.

I'm curious what my day would look like. Thinking about lunch takes up most of my morning. Wishing lunch was bigger takes up most of my afternoon.



a jam for this tuesday morning