Tuesday, July 27, 2010

sweet rainy dance moves

this is beyond awesome. completely hypnotic.
plain ol' natural talent. gotta love it.

no, seriously. you have to love it. or else.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


lately I've been really drawn to bird jewelry. in fact, i had been looking at pendants for a while. i never bought any, seeing as how i've been saving to get hitched and whatnot.

well, i was in the bay area over the 4th, spending some quality time with the mamasita. we were perusing jewelry, as we usually do. there was a pendant/necklace which i was drawn to, per the recent attraction to bird-inspired pieces. mamasita treated me to it.

why birds? i have no idea. they are pretty cool when it comes to symbology--freedom, the soul, connection between the earth and the heavens, etc.

who knows. all i know is that i enjoy this handmade piece mucho.

other recent jewelry style interests:

maybe i just needa get outdoors more.

new music crush - Joshua James

"Another day it's all the same. Another way to make it sane."
My word, how fortunate to stumble across Joshua James yesterday.

I like his easy listening 'tude. His scratchy voice. There something. I'm not sure what it is but, well, I like it a lot.

So naturally I starting perusing a bunch of his songs. Turns out most have a darker story tell. Whether it's violence, drugs, religion. Hmm. Not necessarily my lyrical cup of tea, but nonetheless, I wanted to know more.

Naturally I landed on his myspace page where he expains "I find solace and beauty in darkness and depression...Perhaps the darkness comes out a little more often that I’d like, but that’s just where I gravitate to when I’m writing."


I definitely get that. Back in high school I wrote a lot of poetry and things during the free-writing classroom exercises...or even at home in my own spare time. And, for some reason, most of it was dark. I wrote about death or suicide, alcohol abuse, pain, tears, etc. Mind you I never thought about suicide, I was unfamiliar with death and still felt invincible, hardly anyone in my family drank, and I wasn't a completely unhappy person. No idea why I wrote like that. But it was what moved me. It was what I felt. It was went from my mind, through the pen, to the paper.

Oh Joshua James, I get it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

film classics on the vuvuzela

this makes me laugh. hahaha. for no pinpoint-able reason except perhaps fatigue and low coffee-intake.

hair, hair, everywhere.

ok maybe just on my arm. somewhere on the back of my arm. somewhere i can't see or feel.

some rascally strand of hair has managed to escape my scalp and relocate to my arm. and it tickles. and it annoys me. and i can't find it. and it is pissing me off.

i likely look like a fool as i keep violently grabbing back there when i think i know where it is. i almost feel like i have to sneak up on it so the wind generated by my quick attacks doesn't blow it into a new hiding spot.

i'll get you my pretty. just you wait.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

word math

New Math is a pretty clever widdle site featuring random equations by Craig Damrauer. Check it out.

My love for words and visual representations of words is something you probably already know. But ahhh, to add math to the equation (no pun intended).


Simple. Clever. New Math.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Catalog Living

I stumbled across a gem of a website last week. It makes me crack a smile most days. It's called Catalog Living. It pokes fun at some of the ridiculous decorations and design you see in catalogs. (Largely Pottery Barn featured).

Pretty clever stuff. Wish I had thought of it. Here's a small peek into the lives of the lives of Elaine and Gary, a couple who lives in your catalog's world. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

please read this. and use apostrophes properly.

This is a must-read. Sure maybe I'm a grammar snob. But if you can't properly use an apostrophe I can't properly respect you.

I feel like the apostrophe is a relatively simple thing to master. Not unlike comma usage or quotation marks.

Maybe, thats' just, "me."

Thursday, July 1, 2010

boyish hips and pancake boobs

the former is a trait of mine. the latter is a symptom of a different trait.

clothes shopping. ok ok ok. so i haven't done it in months (saving every last penny for the big day and whatnot).

however when i used to partake in such self-indulging activities (like buying fresh socks and the occasional pair of pants) my boyish hips made finding pants a pain. not to be confused with the general pain and lack of flexibility my boyish hips already suffer from.

lordy help me if i have a giant-headed baby. which i'm sure i will because i also have a very large head. 7 5/8 for those of you who know hat sizes. a monster melon atop my slender feminine lovely neck.

that's besides the point.

hips. boyish. narrow.
legs. skinny. long.
most pantolones do one of two things:
1. fit my hips/thighs perfectly and squish my tumzo until my muffin top runneth over. not QUITE the summer trend.
2. fit my waist/tumzo perfectly and sag around my pencil legs... leaving plenty of room if i wanted to go to the local market and smuggle loaves of breads in my pant legs. boo.

enough about that. on to pancake boobs.

i have boobs. biggish? maybe. one thing i know i DO have is a barrel of a rib cage. if you were carnivorous you could feast my rack o' ribs for a month, feeding your family of 5.

so...problemo. all the damn cutesy crap in the stores are made for normal rib-caged ladies. but apparantly these women also have no jubblies.

a recent situation i encountered was a cute lil' summer dress that was given to me on my birfday. size: medium. fantastico! just my size.

over the head it went. and along with it went a number of threads as my barrel o' ribs forced itself into the seams. snap snap snap. alas. i got it on. hooray. well, sort of. this is where the pancake boobs come in.

they were smooshed. battered and squeezed flat..pancaking them to a flatness that, with my boyish hips, would confuse most people as to my gender. mother effer. sorry gifter of said dress. i had to return it (after i tried to exchange for a large only to encounter slightly less flat pancake boobs and one or two less busted threads).

le sigh.

boy hips. pancake boobs. and thus is the plight of montastic.