Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Leonid Afremov - my new favorito artist

I wish I could buy them all.
Here are just a couple of the amazing paintings by artist Leonid Afremov.

I can't get enough of the colors, the imagery, the awesomeness. He sells hundreds of prints on his Deviant Art page. And larger scale images on his personal site

Man oh man...I want want want waaaaaaant these. I've been scrolling through his prints for about the last 45 minutes. Each one offers something slightly different from the next. 

Well, it IS my birthday this weekend. And I was going to get myself a new pair of purple-framed glasses. But alas, when I went to buy them they were out. Perhaps it's time to invest in some of this fantastico art.

Hope you enjoy these even half as much as me.

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Anonymous said...

very nice paintings, really cool style he's got! me likey!!