Wednesday, December 19, 2007

tough love. happiness now.

This posting brought to you by the wise, upset mama in me. (Who most likely looks like this...)
I know many people, 3 in particular, who are living in an unhappy, depressed, down-and-out, stressed state.
I say change your situation. Now.
Whether it's your job, relationship, friendships or yourself that is making you unhappy, you're the one who put you there. So you're the one who is gonna need to get yourself out. Fuckin just do it.
I'm sick of excuses and hearing about things that just "can't" happen right now. Everything can happen right now. And what I'm really hearing is fear of making that change happen.
And I get it. I've been there. I was there. It's scary as shit.
But do something about your miserable situation and stop making up excuses and justifying why you're letting yourself settle for less than awesome.
Because, the people who get me all fired up about this, are very very important to me. And I hate seeing them unhappy. And I really don't want to hear reasons why they are letting themselves stay that way. Because as much as you say you are happy, it shows all over that you aren't... in your words, voice, composure, eyes.
Make happiness now.


The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

Are you talking to other people, or yourself? And I know your inner-mama is hot, but I don't know if she's that hot!

The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

Oh and amen, by the way.

Stv Mllr said...

Damn, if that's you mama then you're gonna be one foxy lady in your golden years, or as I like to call it, "your prime."

So are you saying I should just go out and rob a bank to pay for that sex change operation?

Montastic said...

definitely talking to other people.

and no, that is not my mama.