Monday, June 29, 2009

i'm baaaaack. and 4 teeth lighter

Well, the day after I turned the ripe old age of teeth started hurting and it was time to have the wisdom teeth pulled. Awesome.

So I had all 4 out on wednesday. and it went well, without any real problems...except painkillers. I hate taking painkillers and my body still feels groggy and crappy from them. I'm almost back to eating normally. I can eat solid foods now (hooray!) but I still can't open my mouth completely which makes it hard to eat with a fork...or singly loudly from a mountaintop.

The evidence--

Fresh from the oral surgeon, icing my cheekies:

A couple hours later AKA "the mugshot":

A day or so later, off for some soup with the boy, looking chipmunk-y:

An easy hike 3 days post-removal, cheeks only a grandma could love:

today, back in action:

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