Monday, June 8, 2009

oh bother! there's a hole in my manties!

Well, the Manty index is here my friends. This astounding discovery suggests that the sales of mens underwear is a good barometer of the economy. Hole-filled, dingy dainties signify tough economic times, while bedazzled boxers assure us the market is strong.

"If men are wearing threadbare jocks - or worse, undies with holes - the nation is in real trouble, according to a growing number of economists who say the condition of men's underwear is a valuable fiscal indicator."

It seems that when times get tough, the tough tighten their panty-buying budget. I guess one must look at this from a perspective other than my the countless young men I frequent, who are recently out of college (and thus in great debt) already own thread-bare drawers.

Check your low-cost manties at the door...and the ladies will not only swoon, but love you for your perceived money and economic prowess.

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