Friday, November 6, 2009

Dear Building Management

I'm cold. So is everyone else. I keep my sweater on everyday. Or my big giant jacket. I even bought a blanket at the downtown Ross to drape over my legs to keep my lower half warm. It's bright green and I love it. But really? My fingers go numb most days. I hate being cold.

Some people had space heaters. We were told that was not allowed. Some complaints have been made. We've watched numerous times as the maintenance men come and poke at the vents and say they'll do something. Still cold. I've seen women wearing beanies even. Beanies!

I happen to know that our company pays more per month to rent this office than I make in an entire year. I think you can crank up the heat a notch or ten.

Don't tell me nothing can be done. It's beautiful and 75 degrees outside. And I'm freezing in here. And I end up just pissed off. And shaking. And even in midsummer I'd turn the heat on in my car to warm up on my drive home.

It cools me to the core. Only winterfresh gum is supposed to do that.

Help me. I'm cold.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's TERRIBLE! Gotta get those guys on it...STAT!

Your father!