Monday, November 30, 2009

the San Diego Breast Cancer 3day recap

I'm baaaaack. What a long and wonderful trip to California for the 3day walk and Thanksgiving.

The walk was one of the most enjoyable things I've ever done. Hands down. I hurt my foot pretty bad walking (I'm still limping over a week later!) but have already signed up for next year. Chase had to use a wheelchair at airport because her blisters were so bad from the walk--and she's signing up for next year also!

I guess you had to be there to really understand how amazing it was...and how you can be in SO much pain and still want to do it again. I've never done anything as physically tough and as mentally challenging as the walk. Roboknee and Montastic did well!

Some highlights:

- SDPD flying over and announcing their support for the walkers from the helicopter
- limping through the last 4 miles of day 2, and all 14.5 miles of day 3
- all the little kids handing out stickers and candy along the walk
- uncrustables. holy moly. delish!
- 8 of 10 toes taped up to (unsuccessfully) prevent blisters
- the biker-turned-crossing guard wearing assless chaps and a pink thong
- chase's good spirit through her pain, and her elderly nemeses that she couldn't catch up to
- my mamasita dancing anytime she heard music
- showering in porto-showers in semi trucks
- dolphins swimming under the bridge we crossed on day two
- finishing, barely!


Chasé said...

"Three days of the way the world should be." And ditto, most mentally challenging thing I have ever done. We learned a little about ourselves, eh?

Chasé said...

Oh and PS That elderly biotch can kiss it. She bused it, I'm sure of it! ;)

Robin - Team Walkers 4 Life said...

Glad you made through all 3 Days and glad you are doing it again in 2010. As a 6 year survivor I am thankful for all the walkers and crew that participate every year. Thanks for helping raise awareness and money for breast cancer.

Team Captain
Walkers 4 Life