Wednesday, January 27, 2010

no longer accepting applications, I'M ENGAGED!

yes indeed. this is fact.
i'm engaged. soon-to-be-wed. wifey in the making. someone's fiance. ringed.

after a wonderful weekend in california (for a friend's wedding) we got home sunday night. i had made some lasagna for the manlove's birthday. while is was baking, i took a shower. after the shower i gave Matt his birthday gifts--which he loved, because i know exactly what to get him --Nuggets vs Blazers tickets!

i got up to throw away some candy wrappers, chop onions for the salad, and continue prepping din-din. he grabbed my hand. sat me down. cried a lot. apparantly asked me. and i apparantly said yes!

he told me he had the ring for almost 3 weeks. he told me he was going to wait to ask until after we moved this coming weekend. he told me he had planned to do a picnic-esque date and ask me then. he also told me he couldn't wait. once he had my dad's permission, the ring that had been hiding away for almost month just HAD to come out. it was perfect.

so now, lots to plan! lots to love! lots to look forward to.



Anonymous said...

damn right he had to have my permission!!

your Father!

and I was happy to give it to him too.

tom said...