Friday, May 21, 2010

joining a community

So, it's no big secret I'm walking this year's 60-mile 3-day for the cure. In fact, there's a link right over the right of the screen that leads to you my page and explains why I'm walking.

I'm team captain of team Too Sexy, my 10-woman team of rockstars. Please click the link and check out our facebook page...join the group if you'd like, leave some thoughts on the wall, whatever tickles your fancy.

But, as team captain, I've really began to get into some of the networks of 3-Day walkers, whether it's walker blogs, following twitter users, or joining other 3-Day facebook groups. And guess what? I love it!


Yesterday I was discussing the pros/cons of a Camelbak versus a waist pack with Chase. We both used Camelbaks last year and were not so sure about the waist pack usage.

So, I posed the question to the twitter world, taggin #the3day. Not only did some of the people I follow (who also follow me) retweet my question...loads of responses rolled in. Everyone just wanted to help, share their stories, and connect with someone else walking for the same reason.

I'll tell ya...this 3-Day's absolutely amazing.

No wonder they say it's "3 days the way the world should be."

To sum up: people are good. :)

Last year's team (Montastic in the front):

And this year's team is only bigger, stronger...and, of course, Too Sexy.

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