Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Spy - The Arctic Tundra edition

We know I work in a freezing building. We know this.
We know I can never stay warm and guzzle lots of hot beverages to try to regulate my body temperature. We know this.

Well today is no exception. Sure, Tuesday was 75 degrees out. I got some sunshine. I wasn't cold. Well is a mere 54 degrees. TURN THAT DAMN AIR CONDITIONING OFF YOU SADISTIC TURDS.

I've newly deemed my work environment "The Arctic Tundra."

This means a few things:
No trees grow here.
The ground is permanently frozen, permafrost, if you will.
It supports very little life, and sees minimal human activity.

I now present to you The Arctic Tundra:

So, tell me what you spy in my little piece of stark landscape.

Do you see that I keep a minimum of 3 beverages at my desk? Two hot beverages. And big pink glass of water. And a box of Good Earth Original Decaf tea. Yum. Warm. Spicy.

I keep a yoga mat as well. Though I've recently given up lunchtime yoga on Tuesdays as it causes me to perspire which only serves to make me colder when returning to my tundra.

The bottom righthand corner of the picture reveals something burrowed under my desk. A blanket!- Yes. I purchased a blanket one day at lunchtime last year...for days when the arctic weather is particularly harsh.

Pictures. Lots of pictures of the outside. Oh to dream is fantastic.

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