Thursday, July 22, 2010

new music crush - Joshua James

"Another day it's all the same. Another way to make it sane."
My word, how fortunate to stumble across Joshua James yesterday.

I like his easy listening 'tude. His scratchy voice. There something. I'm not sure what it is but, well, I like it a lot.

So naturally I starting perusing a bunch of his songs. Turns out most have a darker story tell. Whether it's violence, drugs, religion. Hmm. Not necessarily my lyrical cup of tea, but nonetheless, I wanted to know more.

Naturally I landed on his myspace page where he expains "I find solace and beauty in darkness and depression...Perhaps the darkness comes out a little more often that I’d like, but that’s just where I gravitate to when I’m writing."


I definitely get that. Back in high school I wrote a lot of poetry and things during the free-writing classroom exercises...or even at home in my own spare time. And, for some reason, most of it was dark. I wrote about death or suicide, alcohol abuse, pain, tears, etc. Mind you I never thought about suicide, I was unfamiliar with death and still felt invincible, hardly anyone in my family drank, and I wasn't a completely unhappy person. No idea why I wrote like that. But it was what moved me. It was what I felt. It was went from my mind, through the pen, to the paper.

Oh Joshua James, I get it.

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