Thursday, September 30, 2010

me wanty these pendants

Ok yes. I have a problem. A jewelry problem. I have a lot. Ok...ok.. I have ton.
I acquire it often, and desire it always.

Well, I was perusing Etsy today and found myself on one of my favorite seller 's pages. How could I have forgotten about it? I've ALWAYS wanted pretty much every pendant this seller has. Though I've never purchased any as it requires disposable income I'd much prefer to use on necessities (morning java, chapstick, cheetos, and jewelry I don't have to wait for in the mail).

Either way, check it out . Here's a quick designgasm screengrab of some of the pendants. SQUEAL!

I mean are you kidding me???  Branches, birdies, lines, circles, swirlies. All my faves.

Hopefully one or two of your faves as well.

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