Thursday, October 28, 2010

a must-have

Maybe you recall that a while ago I asked for blog topics. Well, only one person, a Mr. Anon Ymous gave me a suggestion.

Thanks for the suggestion mystery person! I didn't forget about you. But how could I find THE most pointless and crazy object on the internet. I've been looking. Waiting. Hoping. What is something that has absolutely no business in my life? Yet something I still MUST have.

GASP! I found it. That's right. Car Lashes.

From the site:
"Carlashes™ eyelashes and crystal eyeliner are the newest hot products for your car. The trademark Carlashes™ is a new automotive aftermarket brand created to allow cars to be personalized with a feminine touch."

Oh thank goodness. There is nothing Mr Pickles needs more than feminine touch. Particularly the added flare of crystal eyeliner.

Plus hellloooooooo. I'm this girls spitting image. A playful shrug, mouth agape, and pink shirt? Get outta town, we could be twins!

So, the top 3 reasons I must have these:

3. Even though Mr Pickles is a mister, I've always liked guys with long eyelashes.
2. You know me, always looking for a way to be girlier. Gigglez!
1. Winkface.

This just in: reason #1 doesn't make any sense. Then again, neither do eyelashes on my hoopty.

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