Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I heart the smell of Pine-Sol®

Here goes nothing...my deepest confession.

I love the smell of original Pine-Sol® (and the use of the registered mark).

And not just love in the like kinda way. Not just love like I love movies or the color yellow.

The kind of love like I love Taco Bell. Like I love boogying. THAT kind of love.

So naturally I felt the urge to blog about it. And decided that, to enrich my post, and thus my readers' lives, I would search for my love of the smell online. And what to my wondering autofill did appear?

Oh google. You cut to the core of me. I DO love the smell of skunk and sweaty balls. I mean anyone who doesn't is likely lying to you.

I also discovered in my search that my fellow hearters of Pine-Sol® have a facebook page

Other learnings:
- In addition to my fave, the classic scent, there are 6 other Pine-Sol® scents.
- Pine-Sol® has a section of its own website dedicated to hearters. And yes, they use a heart instead of the word love. 
- Preggos crave the smell.
- There are abuse prevention groups for this kind of thing.

In the words of spokeswoman Diane Amos, aka The Pine-Sol® Lady...

Lastly, this:


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