Wednesday, December 22, 2010

And to think I was worried the internet ran out of entertainment.

Oh my goats.

A very special thanks to Ms Chaseypoo for showing me this season-appropriate, smile-bringing, always relevant, goat-inspired video.

What a wonderful holiday it shall be. I'll be leaving good ol' Coloradical for Ptown and then CA--a whirlwind of family visits and Christmas cheer. I'm looking forward to it really starting to feel like like Christmas.

Usually, Denver is deep in the midst of a white Christmas by now. In fact, the mountains have been getting hammered with record snow lately. But for some odd reason the snow hasn't come down from the mountains. It was almost 70 this past weekend! A good 30 degrees above normal. That just wont do! What a bunch of BS that was. Don't the skies known that I love Mr Winter and snowfall?

I need snow dammit. So, Santa? Can you please bring those damn white fluffy holly jolly snow clouds to the metro area, please?

What a busy and Montastic year it has been. I got some fab life plans going on right now (more news on that after the holidays) and I can't wait for next year!

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