Friday, August 17, 2007

In a word? Noisy.

Revisiting my old post about the italian word of the day (parola del giorno), today's word is:
rumore (roo-more-ay): noise, uproar.

These are a few of my favorite noises:

humming subconsciously- when someone doesn't realize they are humming. it's purely carefree.
emptying your computer's trash - what a rewarding crinkle sound
goofy laughs you think are fake but aren't
hearty laughs from the deepest depths that override any other emotion
violent laughs that sound like they hurt and are so good that they do
quiet laughs people don't think you hear but you do
wheezy laughs just before someone crosses over to that laugh that only dogs can hear
accidental snorting while laughing - gets me every time
the italian language
bicycle bells - it reminds me of old movies and classic youth
turn signals on the car - click-click click-click click-click. i've always loved it. 'nuff said.
accents you haven't heard before and can't place
teeth being brushed
shaving - the scraping sound is one of self improvement, depending on the person
the dull sound of being submerged in water - everything is more simple under there
liquor splooshing around in its bottle
coffee being ground - the sound of destruction, both to the beans and your sleepiness
lighters lighting
when a bottle cap falls to the ground and hits the side of the glass bottle on the way
water bottles being filled
when my phone vibrates - someone somewhere is actively communication. amazing.
stomach growls
walking on coarse gravel
tap dancing
glass shattering or dinnerware breaking
impromptu yelps/cheers/woohoos/screams/gasps/etc. Any noise unplanned and suprising is good by me.


The Artistic Mercenary™ said...

See, what I like, and what I'm surprised you didn't mention, is that the Italian word "rumore" is the root of the English word, "rumor."

Actually, I've no idea if that's true, but I'll bet money that it is.

Space Cowboy said...

good stuff. so many noises. next entry: noises you hate. I have alarm clock.