Friday, January 25, 2008

pros and cons

montastic's pros & cons of having all her close friends live far away...

pro: an excuse to travel
con: friendships are expensive to maintain

pro: no one is around to let your friends in your new city know your dorky past
con: no one is around who really understands you for your dorky past

pro: they don't meet everyone you date
con: they don't meet everyone you date

pro: a good reason to stay home on a friday night in sweatpants and chat on the phone
con: you can't see their face

pro: you know lots of people everywhere
con: you kind of know some people where you are

pro: you get to hear about all the adventures in other places
con: you don't get to adventure with them

pro: you can reinvent your circle of friends
con: you can't reinvent yourself

pro: emailing to pass the time on slow days at work
con: no one to pass a slow evening with

pro: good reminiscing about old times and laughing, hard.
con: no deep, hearty belly laughs with your new friends

pro: an excuse to move if you aren't happy where you are
con: an excuse to stay and try to make new close friendships just like them

1 comment:

Chasé said...

Oh Darlin' that made me smile and made me sad at the same time. I love you and miss you to pieces. If you want someone to tell your new friends about your dorky past then just give me a call. Love you Lover!