Thursday, January 10, 2008

the thought project

So i had this bookmarked for a long time... as i am too lazy to blog about most things i find right after i find them.
Anyway, this is the thought project by simon hogsberg. and i find it fascinating.

Basically, in Copenhagen, Denmark, and NYC he stopped random people on the streets and asked what they were thinking about in the exact moments right before he stopped them. He then recorded their answers verbatim and placed them on this site along with a picture of the person. I love it!

A few excerpts of my favs:

“So…I was trying to think…I left my bicycle over in the Westside of downtown, and I was trying to think how I could walk to my bicycle so that I could also run into a Cliff-bar which is a nutritional bar…Peanut-butter Cliff-bar, which is all for my breakfast. I needed to walk into an Ice coffee and a Cliff-bar. But my…my leg is very stiff, and I’m not sure why. I want to find the quickest route to my bicycle that would also intersect the Cliff-bar and the coffee. And my leg is stiff…yes. I think it might be from sexual activity…I’m not quite sure…I—I am pretty sure.”

“Ok, well, did you see the blind guy that walked that way? I looked at him, and I was thinking: Hmmm… That would be an interesting way to get away with a crime – to just walk away with a walking-blind-stick and, like, let the cops swarm around you, and no one would ever think it was you. Not because I want to commit a crime, but I was like, hmmm, if I ever did want to commit a crime that would be a cool way to get away with it..."

“I guess that what I was thinking about most was my girlfriend because I was just sitting here waiting for her, and she just wrote me saying that she’s on her way. So actually I was looking for her bus. Apart from that, I’ve got Bobo, my rat, in my bag, which I was thinking about. I was thinking how he was doing when he’s lying in the bag. Most because it’s just shat all over the place, actually...”

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