Thursday, July 30, 2009

Running Fail

I stand at a nice 5'7" tall. I tip the scales at about 150. I am by no means a skyscraper or sumo wrestler. But boy, I can fall hard. And hard I fell.

It was a windy and rainy afternoon in Dtown. Rain was a-comin. No question about it. Just one mile I'll jog today. Just one. RoboKnee isn't feeling up to running but I would like to get my heart pumpin a little. Just one mile.

Block 1: Ugh my legs feel heavy.
Block 2: Brrr that wind is a fierce and formidable foe!
Block 3: Maybe I should walk, my knee doesn't feel too good.
Block 4: Nope, just one mile. I can do it! Wooohoooo!
Block 5: SPLAT.


Knee: very banged up. very bruised. very hard to bend. very sting-y. very boohoo. very unhappy kneecap.

Hand: two fingers scraped up, palm skinned and bruised, outter pinky knuckle skinned deep and very painful. sadface.

Hip: deep bruise and surface scrape from a nice impact and slide on cement, as if i was sliding into home plate for the win.

Montastic: clumsy sillypants!!

Blood and gore:

you can kinda see the beautiful bruise hues. i wish you could see how truly digusting this looks in person.

yes that's my crotch. get over it. please respect this wounded warrior.

Moral of the story: don't trip when you're running. Idiot.

Ohhhhhh hurtos!

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