Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beauty is relative. So is ugliness.

This weekend me and the boy went to the Pumpkin Festival (hooray!). Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I was naturally very excited about this.

We bested the corn maze is a cool 18 minutes. Ate some nachos. Then went in search of the perfect pumpkins.

The horror! Only October 18th and most of the pumpkins were rotten and mushy. Though one can attribute this to the fact that we had freezing temperatures and then temps near 80 (thus freezing, then boiling the pumpkins), I couldn't believe it. We walked around forever until I finally found one I thought was just perfect. Sure it had a retarded side, but don't we all?

About twenty minutes more of searching yielded my honeypants a similarly disabled-yet-aiiiight pumpkin. Awesome. Home we went with our bounty.

We placed them by our door and went to bed merry. Well, Monday morning came. As I was leaving for work, I peeked out our pumpkin preciouses. GOOD GOLLY! Ugly. Two hideous little pumpkins. And I was looking at their "good" sides. Wow.

Never did I expect to find my own baby ugly. But here I was. Hatin' on my ugly pumpkin child.

I guess amongst the other uglier pumpkins at the patch, these were royalty! But taken away from the slums, well...they were disappointing.

Moral of the story: I guess that's why Chase's mom told her to not to be friends with girls that are prettier than her. It all makes sense now. BOOYA!

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