Tuesday, October 6, 2009

relationships are hard

with family. with lovers. with friends.

relationships are hard.

because with family, you can't always tell them what you really think. you have to accept them. there are just certain things that don't get voiced. but, because it's family, those things are generally understood without saying a thing.

because with lovers, depending on where you are in the romance, you're always wondering where it's going. you're always thinking about the future and measuring up a potential partner. whether it's sizing them up for a lifetime of love, or just for a night of fun. judgment is there.

because with friends, communication isn't needed really. you catch up when you can and that's that. and with friends, you get more honesty than anywhere else. and honesty isn't always fun. friends leave you for family, for lovers. friends come and go. friends are unpredictable.

ya, relationships are hard.
but they are totally worth it.

because with family, they'll accept you no matter what. they'll pick you up when you're at lowest. and support you through your mistakes.

because with lovers, i mean shoot. you'll build a life. a family. if you can see through all the second-guessing. plus you get sex. bonus!

because with friends, you laugh hardest, cry hardest, drink hardest, bond hardest. friends are where it's at. and you can be friends with lovers and family. every relationship starts with a friendship.

to sum up: i need more friends.

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