Tuesday, October 13, 2009

people and travel

Lots of travel going on the past week. I was Montana for work, then in Solitude, Utah for a 4day anniversary weekend.

Lots of travel. Lots of people watching.

On my plane from Billings to Denver, I sat next to an older, retired gentleman. He was on a two-week fishing vacation with his brother-in-law. They had been through Yellowstone National Park and all over Montana in their travels. They hit an elk going 60 mph at nighttime and totaled their rented Ford Escape. They vetoed a 6-hour fishing trip in 20-degree weather. And they stayed away from driving in the snow because they were from Florida and "wouldn't know two ways about nothing" when it came to driving in the snow. As we got close to landing, the man leaned over to me, smiling with all his years and said "I just loved it. Fishing in Montana was on my bucket list." And that was that.

Our flight out of Billings was a little late. They only had a 20 minute layover and had to hustle (to the best of their ability), fishing poles in hand, from gate 87 to gate 14. A long way for anyone. I like to think they made it. In fact, I know they did.

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I like that little story, very nice and heartwarming. me