Thursday, December 3, 2009

a random sampling of cool

I've had these all in the to-be-posted pile on my computer's desktop. So, without much belabored description, here they are:

if you have this amount of time, please do things like this. so rad. every note played is a different video file, placed together to make one of my fav jams of all time!

this pie chart represents a combination of all the flags of the world. check the site for individual flag-pie-charts for each country. super cool.

glow in the dark gloves. for what? well, originally for sign language use at night time. innovation alert! something i would have never though about--people struggling to read sign language at nighttime. what a brilliant thing. of course these could be used at for dance parties, raves, nighttime jogging, or nighttime high-fiving.

i was in San Francisco over Easter this year. and i remember watching street performers for a while, just HOPING they would do something even remotely as cool as this. talk about talent.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I dance like that every night before I go to bed, that's how I get myself tired enough to sleep so deeply.