Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dr Mr Winter,

You know I love you. You know I love the snow, and any excuse to curl up and drink a hot cocoa...or an entire bottle of whiskey. Yesterday you gave me a glorious 11 degrees to work with. Today you're promising only 9. I don't mind it during the day since my building finally got the heat problem worked out...and I am no longer freezing at work.

But during the commute, I'm quite cold. I only work a little over three miles from home. That is not enough time for Mr Pickles to warm up. He tries his best...but when it's only 2-3 degrees outside when I leave home in the morning, warmth is not easy to come by.

So here's my proposition for you:

Stay around 30 degrees from 8:40 to 9:00 am, then drop as low as you want. Warm up again from about 4:55 to 5:20 pm, then please plummet to the lowest lows overnight. Deal? Good.

Also, thank you for the solid sheet of ice that is frozen on the inside of my apartment windows. I've never had that happen before. You can teach me so many things.


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