Tuesday, March 16, 2010

eagles are big...and scary

A friend of mine, one Ms Perry, used to work at a raptor center with and around large birds. Eagles. Enormous. Sure they look cool in the sky, but I'm pretty sure they would kill me if I were to enter their domain.

Particularly the golden eagle. Did you know they are 3 feet tall?? Ya. Three feet tall. Keep your small children and teacup dogs inside. An attack is imminent

Bald eagles aren't AS big, but still creepy. That being said, check out these awesome pictures of a bald eagle catching it's pray mid-air.

Awe. Some.

"This tiny starling didn't stand a chance after a hungry bald eagle chose it as a mid-air snack. This incredible sequence of pictures shows the enormous bird of prey closing in on its target."

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