Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Layoffs, round 2.

So, given the nature of the economy, our company had the hard task of making more cuts. We are now even more streamlined than before. When push comes to shove and the work starts rolling in, we'll see how well we stay above water with our reduced numbers!

I've learned a two things about layoffs and work in this process:

1. I'm friends with my coworkers. And seeing them leave is a crappy feeling.

2. When people get laid off, they leave behind old pens...and their trusty lunchroom cup.

Last year, Davers, my favers, was one of the cuts made. I ate lunch with him every day. We laughed and giggled and said pervy things and laughed some more and brainstormed together and hung out outside of work and laughed. and laughed. the day he got let go I was in shock. I didn't even know what to say or do. So I didn't say or do anything. Like a big baby. The next morning I walked in and he had left his pink cup (which he used EVERY day) on my desk. It was everything I could do not cry. I missed my friend already. Sadface.

I've been using his cup ever since.

Last week, my amiga Jessie got let go. After Dave left, I started eating lunch with a few different people. One of them was Jessie. Over the last year we've become buds as well...and have enjoyed talking about wedding details together (as she's getting married next month). She was my partner on almost every project I ever worked on. I wrote. She designed. 'Nuff said. Well last week, to everyone's shock, she was unexpectedly cut. After she left, I went to fill Dave's pink cup in the lunch room. I needed to wet my whistle.
Lo and behold. Her cup was by the sink. Ugh. Wrenching.

It seems I've learned a third thing.

3. Never eat lunch with me. Or you'll be next.

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Anonymous said...

I love lunch.