Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shape's 15 Healthy Foods to have at all times

So I read this article this morning, by Shape magazine. It was a simple list of the following 15 healthy foods you should have in your kitchen at all times. I don't have all of them all the time. But I have most of them most of the time. So that's good right?

Yogurt (we have this MOST of the time)
Wild Salmon (uhhh...have you seen our paychecks?)
Egg Whites (most of the time)
Leafy Greens (usually we have broccoli and some mixed greens)
Blueberries (fancy fancy, we never have these)
Almonds (nope)
Black Beans (eww)
Apples (sometimes)
Tomatoes (matt no likey)
Orange Juice (me no likey)
Sweet Potatoes (we both no likey)
Wheat Germ (huh?)
Pomegranate (nope)
Hot Peppers (always!)
Oatmeal (always!)

How'd you fare on the top 15?? I'm healthy enough.

I guess to be healthier, I'd have to get rid of some of the food in our house. Such as the lil smokies, mac and cheese, bacon, and the delicious ice cream. DAMMIT.

I'm ok with being mostly healthy some of the time. If I were to summarize, that is what I would say.

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