Friday, April 30, 2010

Speaking of love and dating..

Please refer to this list whilst reading my ever-inspiring post.
100 Great Date-Night ideas.

GREAT? We'll see. Here are some Montastic insights on some of the options:

1. Go out for pizza — ask them to cut the pie into the shape of a heart.
Um, excuse me...what exactly are doing with the pizza you cut off? I want my money's worth. Bring me the trimmings, I'm not rollin in riches here.

10. Oysters are said to be an aphrodisiac, so head to a seafood place and slurp them right out of the shell.
Fish breath and slurping? Not hot. No one is attractive or turned on after this.

11. Take a dinner cruise: The motion of the ocean sets off sensuous signals inside us (think water beds).
My state is landlocked. Shitty option.

14. Make a finger-foods-only dinner and feed each other.
My first thought was fish sticks. See above. Fish breath...not hot.

29. Take a sketchpad to a scenic bluff and draw your own version of the vista.
I'll show you a scenic bluff. And don't worry, you won't have to draw it.

36. Find a bridge and walk across it; the view can't be beat.
-Ok, close your eyes. I have a surprise. ...Alright here we are. Open them!
-Um...what are we doing here?
-What do you mean?? We're going to walk across this fantastic bridge!!

54. Give each other haircuts.

60. Hold a kiss for one elevator ride.
I don't even know what this means.

Hmm. Well the list definitely had some good ideas on it too. There were a few different categories like "cheap dates" and "fun dates" and whatnot.

When I finished reading all 100...there were only two sets of ideas that I had no objections to. "Outdoor Adventures," no suprise there. I heart the outdoors.

The other?
"Man-Friendly Outings."

This just in: I'm a man.

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