Monday, June 21, 2010

highlights from oh-my-omaha

So I went to Omaha for the weekend - to celebrate my birthday and enjoy cold beers in the sweltering inferno of the college world series.

We didn't go to any games, mind you. Just drank and fraternized with the locals (and non-locals).

Hooray for a trip to a new state with the lovely Shannonigans. Yeeehawwww.

Highlights from the sweatfest:

1. getting pulled over just outside of Lincoln. yes she was speeding. but oh my goodness officer, it's my first time to Omaha and we got excited that our long drive was almost over. thank you for the no-ticket-just-a-warning sir. zoom zoom.

2. pooling sweat in every crevice. just standing there. drip drip drop little june day showers.

3. my first beer gardens

4. a birthday cake (courtesy of Shannon's brother) at a family dinner. so unexpected and sweet! i had just met the fam..and they got me a cake. awwwww. warms the ol' heart chambers.

5. getting ready to leave a bar and getting accosted by a group of older men (late 40s to late 50s) who come to CWS every year. ended up chatting them up for about 3 hours while still sweating profusely. fun times.

6. bonding with a gentleman who was recently married and just had a baby. we chatted about life changes and my upcoming marriage.

7. the man in the white shirt who clearly had been ran into from behind by someone with a chocolate soft serve cone. bummerz.

8. having to pee. asking a group of gents by the port-o-potty if they were waiting. they said yes. i kissed my bulging bicep, asked "still waiting?" they said no. in i went. drip drip drop little june day showers.

9. shannon's 16-year old stepbrother joining us at 2 am in the basement (once we got back from the bars) for chips and salsa (thinking we had been asleep up until this point) "what the...? did you all just decide to wake up and eat chips???" yes. that's how we roll. we sleep until 2 am and then get up for chips EVERY NIGHT. you'll understand when you're older.

10. BEST HIGHLIGHT: busting in to the cemetary at night (if you know me and my fear of ghosts, this is a huge deal---scary!) but no way was i waiting in the car. shannon was going to visit her mom. the 11-year anniversary of her passing.
the cemetary had already closed so we (poorly) scaled the 8 foot chain linked fence. shannon, thinking the ground was closer, took a nice little tumbly into the cemetary. i just managed to gouge the backs of my thighs on the top of the fence. huge scratches. huger bruises. i gave her a nice long a moment while i waited a few yards off and thought about how sweet an event this was that i got to share. then i joined her at the headstone and met her mom. a very touching moment full of hugs and support. wouldn't have traded that for anything. absolutely great.

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