Monday, June 14, 2010

wow I'm losing myself!

so with all this wedding hubbub, i'm really losing myself in it. not in a bad way. i've just been busy. i am busy. i will be busy. and when it comes down to it, my every free moment to think is consumed by thinking of the big day.

sigh. Bella and Brutta, the innocent bystander, has really had to bear the brunt of it. no new posts really. nothing interesting. nada.

so why don't i just tell you a bit about the big day and what has been all-consuming.

Music. picking out songs--what an ordeal! the first dance. BUM BUM BUUUMMMM!! What do you dance to? Something classic like good ol' Etta? Something more upbeat and current? Or something non-traditional? Well, I guess it depends on a couple things. 1. can you dance to the song in whatever type of huge dress you have. 2. how much do you care what other people think about your song (the key is NOT to care. it's not their song, it's yorus) and 3. how different are your musical tastes from your betrothed.

Invites. ribbon. i made about 5 trips to the store for ribbon. good lord you use a lot of ribbon, if you use ribbon. also, be sure to send them out a certain amount of time before the wedding. BUT don't send them out too early. oh my goodness people get so confused if you do. blah blah blah. guess what folks? i sent them out. sorry if they're too early. sorry if you lose the invite between now and the big day. thank you for your concern. and you're welcome for inviting you.

Family. why the hell do people have to get married to bring family together. because OHMYGOSHI'MSOEXCITED to have all my family in one place for the first time in years!

seriously. so. excited. 81 days.

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