Monday, August 23, 2010

Don't be a taupe.

So tonight, I have some free time before my soccer game. It's not until 9:30... yuck.

Anyhoo, the hubs-to-be is at a game, and I thought it would be a good time to paint my nails. Duh.

What, oh what, do I paint my nails to celebrate my last week as an unmarried woman? Well, this color of course:


I was eager to look at the name of the color--being a lover of words, clever titles, nail polish, et al.

It went something like this... Grab the bottle. Flip it over. What the eff??

Neon Melon.

Really?? Really Sinful Colors?? Neon Melon? What does that do for me? Nothing. It does nothing.

Though I cant really say what I expected the nailpolish color to tell me on this momentous week in my life.
Ball and Chain?
I do?
Run For The Hills?
End of an Era?

Well, even with this disappointment, it got me thinking. Why did I need to celebrate with such a loud, poorly-named color? I mean, it IS a new bottle of polish. And I certainly don't plan to change up my color routine just because I'll be going from a Ms. to a Mrs.

It's not like I'm going to spiral into an abyss of taupe and clear coats. Gross. Not me, no way.

It's not like I need some silly wild color to act as a rite of passage from wild-woman-of-the-streets to matronly-wife-of-the-kitchen.

It's not like I plan to throw out this fantastic new bottle of less-than-fantastically-titled polish.

It's not like there was any real reason for blogging about this.

In other news, I also just painted my toenails the same color. So there.

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Matteo Escobar said...

I loved the bright color - are you sure you didn't want spring colors for the wedding?!?!?!?!?!?

9 Days left! Hooray!!