Friday, August 13, 2010

it's a good thing I'm fluent in Stiletto.

These stilettos to be specific:

Ahh, the bachelorette party. Featuring yours truly--and 9 of my best ladies. And a stellar performance in stiletto proficiency. Giggling and scampering around downtown with heels is not necessarily the best idea while wearing evil little spikes on your feet. Then again, neither is wearing them and scaling a giant Pegasus statue.

First--my bridal party. If were Snow White and they were my gang of dwarves they would most obviously be Girly, Giggly, Rangy, and Nana.
And they. are. amazing.

Girly is obvs my MOH and cousin.

Thanks to her I was able to get my hurrrr did. And she was there to pick up the pieces when my emotions got the best me. But mainly she was there to pick up the other shot glass when it was party time. Love the sister I never had!

Giggly is Chase. Rangy is my gingerly Shannon, and of course Nana is the wee and mighty Robyn.


Toss in some posse ladies, a few friends from Denver and one lovely coworker and something tells me that D-town never saw it coming.

I have to say that having all these ladies here really made me miss having all these ladies in one place! 3 from CA. 2 from OR. The rest in CO. Goodness deary me I just don't know where I should live!

Girly made a good observation that each stage of my life was represented by the peeps. My childhood by her, my awkward nerdy chubby highschool years by the posse, my blossoming collegiate days by Giggly and Nana, and my Denver adulthood days by the CO peeps and Rangy.

Cheers to that!

Best game of the night involved the light-up rings. The rules are simple. Montastic yells ACTIVATE. The last to activate has to take a shot. Classiness is never beyond me.

The weekend was like a big girly, drunken, silly, sweet, hilarious, special 72-hour hug! Thanks to all.

It's safe to say that I am now mentally prepped for being a wifey.

On to the next celebration. My big day!

Song o' the weekend

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