Thursday, March 17, 2011

Before I die...and things I wish that were.

Gulp. Inspiration, at last! Thank you Candy Chang. From her website, "Candy Chang is a public installation artist, designer, urban planner, and co-founder of Civic Center who likes to make cities more comfortable for people."

Well, pretty much I fell in love with her installation "Before I Die."
She covered this ramshackle building:
with this brilliant fill-in-the-blank stencil:

And three short, humanity-driven days later, it filled up with magic.

Responses range from "have fun" to "create a life" to "go 200 mph" to "understand." 


Her site details the project. Please check it out, as it's wonderful. She says that once the board fills up, they wash it clean and the process starts again. It's no surprise that other people have shown interest in her installation and putting it up elsewhere.

I'd love to have this on my wall, so I can add to it as I discover new life goals and desires. That being said, I really should start a list...mental or otherwise.

Another project of hers that is similarly interactive is her "I Wish This Was" installation.

Also simple, thought-provoking, and lovely.

What I love about this project, is that it's taken on its own life. Go to the site. Buy stickers. Stick 'em places. Use 'em. Love 'em. 

Candy was inspired by her neighborhood in New Orleans, that still has many abandoned buildings and storefronts. Her installation helps give people a voice, and helps give us an look into the simple things people wish that were.

The nerd in me wants to point out that the grammatically correct sticker should read "I wish this were" as it's the proper subjunctive case. Yet she manages to even address that on her site, saying that she feels "was" is more conversational. Agree to disagree Candy, though I do agree that it's more conversational. and I heart you even more for acknowledging the grammar nazis. 

Briangasm on a Thursday.

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