Wednesday, March 30, 2011

those XX chromosomes dream of Dos Equis beer in my tummy.

That will have to wait as the only XX in there are the chromosomes for my future baby girl. That's right folks. Montastic, the antithesis of pink, is having a little miss thang.

And I couldn't be more excited!

4 more months before I get to meet her, and 4 months to fend off the suffocating waves of pink that will inevitably drown me.

I mean, I'm not entirely opposed to the color. After all, it IS a little girl. I mean, I am currently working through a stack of neon pink post-its. So that's gotta mean something. Right? The problem with pink is that it has its pastel-y little hands gripped tightly on the baby industry. And it doesn't plan to let go. Pink is a bully.

I mean, of course future-baby can wear pink. She's a girl. Other people like to give pink things... And I'm sure that's all we'll it's mostly what they make for baby ladies.

But the way I see it, it won't be for a while that she's able to tell us what she likes to wear and what color she likes. So until she can enunciate "pink," mama will opt for purple. or yellow. or green. or the rest of the rainbow.

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G said...

Amen! More power to you!!! I did everything I could to avoid pink at first. Alas, now 7 yr old Claire has a say and often chooses pink. And with girl #2 I already have a lot of pink hand me downs from what was given to me with #1, so when I do buy something I often end up getting pink because it will match what I already have. Guess the industry wore me down. Oh well.