Thursday, January 5, 2012

all dressed down and nowhere to go

that's right. i'm sitting here, makeup-less, bespectacled, hair all a-frizz, and wearing sweatpants that are much too large for me.

ahhh. montastic has the house all to herself. don't get me wrong--i'd still look like this if someone were here. but there is something about the silence of the house that makes me feel even more gloriously slobby.

i really can't remember the last time i had the house to myself for a whole night. i'm thinking it's been a year at least. wild. apparently when you add a husband and baby to the mix, an empty house is a rarity. and it's weird. and a little creepy. i've watched way too many horror movies in my day. eek.

so i've decided to tune pandora to some of my old fav stations, and craft some wordies.

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