Friday, January 6, 2012

resolve this

I resolve to stress less
to think more highly of myself
to be more patient with the beebs
to drink more tea in place of coffee
to practice my italiano
to write more-- personally and bloggily
to have girl time
to have boy time
to do something active at least 4 days a week (even if it's just a walk, like a lazy ass)
to stop biting my nails
to be big spoon more often
to have more love
to have less arguments
to really really work on finding a forever home for my family
to shave my legs more often
to read a book. like an actual book.
to re-womanize myself (starting with the aforementioned leg shaving)
to relax until i feel like this:
i resolve to keep at least 3 of these resolution.

i mean let's be realistic. i'm not looking to reinvent the wheel here.

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