Tuesday, January 3, 2012

If only I could catch a Z or two.

Is it seriously only 11:30 pm? When did I become an old fart who thinks that this is WAY past bedtime?

Oh, right. Baby. Usually baby responsibility alone makes my head ready to hit the pillow at about 9:45 every night.

But not the last few nights for some reason. Nope. Can't sleep. I've just laid there and listened to hubs breathing. And listened to baby breathing teeny tiny baby breaths. And watched the modem flicker. And listened to the grandfather clock bong every fifteen minutes. And flipped my pillow over..and over..and over...and over.

Ah, but tonight...tonight I've truly seized control of my sleeplessness. I got out of bed and found myself back at Bella and Brutta. What power! Take that tired-but-not-sleepy Montastic.

Now, if only I had something worth blogging about.


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