Monday, June 25, 2007

cottonmouth for breakfast

After the necessary week of recovery from my epic trip to Oregon for graduation.... I thought the best way to recap the weekend was to limit it to the highlights and not-so-highlights.. and screw everything else in between. Obviously.

Trying to relive some silly notion of the past, Robyn and I decided to make a Vodkamelon. Naturally the watermelon we bought was de-friggin-licious. After Perry and I melon-balled to our hearts content, we reloaded the melon balls into the empty halves of the melon.. and proceeded to add a handle of cheap, cheap Vodka. Thus ruining the delicious treat and our glorious memories of Vodkamelon forever.

Nothing says funtastic memories like a dance party at Adam and Ryan's hizzouse. While it remains but a blurry memory, it is one of those I cherish most. To sum up: Humpty hump, PBR, Shout, superhuman Hugh strength, beer shower, reading with Nicholas Cage, hammock, fierce arm thrusting, Chris Breen backpack, sore triceps, sweaty sweaty sweatness.

Bed at 4am. Up at 830am. 'nuff said.

Note: If dance party one isn't quite enough.. try dance party two at Indigo with holla holla dolla wells and big speakers that are dance-on-able. Add a little Curt letting his hair down, a few sleezy dudes, a gallon of sweat and something tells me the night will end in an accidental 4-way group spooning.

Spooning at 4am. Up at 730am. damn graduations to attend.

Running on but a mere 8 hours of sleep in 2 nights, probably still drunk, feeling generally miserable about life.. it was clearly time for a family/friends party at the brewery for all the proud parents and beaming grads. Oh yes.. and free beer. Talk about fun times! Diana and I became sisters, somehow. We were far too well-off on the beer by 7pm. And yes, there was delicious pizza. The end.

In a word, the weekend was amazing. In a better word, it was GLORIOUS. In a couple words, it was the best time I've had in a looong time with some of my favoritest people ever.. and yes, I lost my voice for 3 days after.. and I am only now feeling healthy again.

Top Notch team Eugene. I give you a gold star for the year.

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