Thursday, June 7, 2007

Of all the things I've lost..

So, as I sit at my desk at my new job.. I find I have excess time to kill. Luckily for me I brought my handy and oh-so-dandy set of 1000 Italian vocab cards I purchased at the local Barnes & Noble.

Drawing from the stack at random (and by random I mean I tried to pick right near the middle of the deck and then tried again and once more), I have found the Word of the Day. the Parola del Giorno, if you will. While it was a word I already knew, and thus, did not expand my vocab one bit, today's word is:

Perdere - to lose.

Things I've recently lost:

Three pounds
My other black pants
The lid to my coffee mug.
full use of my right thumb.
my flexible schedule.
my interest in television.
direct deposit
my alochol tolerance
my strong distaste for colorado
a functioning radio in my car
a functioning AC in my car
my squeak-free brakes on my car
the ring i got in Seattle
a sports bra
my fear of new jobs
respect for news broadcasts
patience with gay jokes
a friendship
contact with my italian loves
4 inches off my hair
my need for dark chocolate
a few grand in plane tickets
tolerance for ignorance
one good running sock
my old mp3 player
an extra set of contacts
a birth control pill
that strange, moldy smell in the car
the strong desire to work in advertising
full italian fluency
leg hair

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