Monday, June 25, 2007

Wrinkly, old stuff

1. I used to be too shy to talk to people. I wouldn't order my own food at restaurants or talk to strangers. My brother would have to ask our teacher if I could go to the bathroom when we were in elementary school. secretly, I'm still shy.

2. When I go to the gym I workout harder and longer than the other girls around me--until I'm about to pass out. They're impressed. I'm broken.

3. I almost stayed in Italy the second time and didn't come back to finish school.

4. My nose is insanely squishy nose and I have the sharpest elbows. So, you can try to break my nose. It won't work. Then, I'll retaliate by piercing you in the heart with my spear-like elbow.

5. I can pee really really fast.

6. One of the most rewarding things in life is cleaning. Laundry. dishes. shower. vaccuum. lysol. pine sol. 409. ajax. word up.

1 comment:

smooshynose said...

my nose is squishy in fact i would bet money that my nose is squishier than yours


email me and lets compare noses!!