Wednesday, September 12, 2007

a buck-fifty

for those of you who don't know, i used to weigh over two benjamins. barely. but nonetheless, 205lbs. i was my heaviest my senior year of high school.

i never was really insecure about my weight and didn't actually realize how big i was until now, when i look back at old pictures.

since then, i can think of three changes in my life that helped me lose weight.

one, i went away to college where i ate better and walked a lot, not to mention i was roommates with the pencil-thin ms perrypants who motivated me to go to the gym and get foxy. i would say over the first two years i lost about 17 pounds without even really focusing on losing weight... just being healthier and more active.

two, during my junior year (jan 2005) at college my mom and i had a long-distance (she lives in CA) weight loss competition. this was the brutal battle between mother and daughter. i counted every calorie and worked out 5 to 6 days a week for an hour each time. this wasn't because i was crazy about the weight itself, but i was determined to win. ten weeks later, when the competition ended, my mom and i were both rockstars, but of course, i must claim my title as first place winner supreme. i lost 18 pounds.

three, after graduating UO last year, i moved out here to denver. i didn't know a single person. so i had a ton of free time. not only did i focus on myself, i had absolutely no social life and used all that extra time for running. since last year i've lost 8 more poundies.

so, if you've been doing the math, that puts me at 162 pounds. two glorious pounds away from being in the 150s. the buck-fifties. the last time i was in the 150s i was probably a freshman in high school. yikes.

so here's my goal. by the end of the year i want to lose 8 pounds and find myself comfortably in the 150s. (and no, this isn't going to be some overhyped bridget jones' diary -esque weight loss chronicle)

we'll see what happens. eight is a lot considering i don't have too much fat to lose, i already work out and eat healthy which means i'll have to really amp up both categories. oh yeah, and let us not forget about the holidays. halloween (my favorite). thanksgiving (gobble bee-otch) and xmas (where da ham at?).

i'll let you know of any developments in my progress.

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mrsungod said...

I think you look AWESOME babe!