Wednesday, September 19, 2007

dear Rosebeard

i want to boing your curly hair. i like you because you don't speak italian so it makes me feel better than you in at least one, arbitrary way. i also like that you are a super nerd. i like to think that i could concept with you for weeks on end without finding a limit to our collective imagination or ability to inspire each other. i like that i haven't known you that long and have spent less time in the same state as you than out of it but still feel some pressing desire to keep in contact. and i hope you feel the same way. i like that you are prone to numerous nicknames from me. i'm quite certain you are the only person i know who can be over-worked AND under-worked at the same time. drinking in NY is a beautiful, blurry memory, particularly getting dropped off in the middle of nowhere by the useless cabby. i am proud to be the least-stupidest ad girl, but am still awaiting my certificate... and for that you are not a valuabilitynessismist. i think you are very hard to impress. me too. if i were to make up a word for you it would be stratimation.
until our next encounter,
mad morgan rackham

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